Unfortunately, the goals we set for Kickstarter were too ambitious for a first try. I am ending the current campaign and prepping a new one for launch, applying the lessons learned to bring a successful campaign to fruition. I thank those that backed this project and everyone who has supported us. I hope you will continue to do so as we prepare to launch a new, better campaign and with the rest of our future projects.

Here is the posting from the Kickstarter update:

I want to thank everyone sincerely that has taken the chance and backed us on our first Kickstarter. It has been a very positive learning experience. At this point, it is evident that we will not make the funding goal, and thanks to lessons learned from many avenues, I feel I can make a better go at it again soon. So, I have decided to cancel the funding on this Kickstarter and prepare for a relaunch that will hopefully bring much better success.

Again, thanks to everyone who joined us on this one. Please contact us at subscribe@wundervalegames.com, telling us you are a backer and your Kickstarter name. I encourage you to please join us when we relaunch. When we relaunch, I will send you a code for a free model download for joining us again. I will also send an email through the update system to everyone that backed (as long as that works as expected) to share the new project link when it launches and ensure you get the thank you gift for supporting our latest campaign.

The team is small, and while we have significant experience delivering on large contracts, this was our first outing in this industry. Building an online presence and trust takes time. I thought we were providing enough content to aim at the finding goal I set without an issue. We had more than 50% of the products ready on launch day and would have the rest with room to spare (and prepared to add those stretch goals). At this point, I am well aware that I misjudged, and we will not hit our funding goal. We will set up the next campaign with a more realistic funding goal for a first outing and adjust pricing, quantity, etc., based on the feedback we have gotten from you. We still believe that our products and service will speak for themselves. I look forward to proving that in the future.

Now I say thank you for taking this journey with us and taking a chance on believing in our dream. Our team is grateful and pushing to prove ourselves to you all.

See you again soon.


Tony Castillo, CEO of Wundervale Games, and our team of very talented artists.

World of Nimmervale

The World of Nimmervale is an all-new wonderous realm for use in your favorite fifth edition or other tabletop RPG adventures or as a standalone. This all-digital set of content is print-at-home ready, complete with 3D Minis, Props, Terrain, and supporting books.

Our introduction to the World of Nimmervale starts in the untamed islands of Wakamataku! Wakamataku is a region lost to time. Many doubt its existence. However, you will explore and discover how natural and fantastic this region is! Take your adventurers through an island-themed locale, and explore the beauty and mystery within.

Our set is ready to play standalone, complete with everything you need to print and play the adventures through Nimmervale. It is also easily integrated into the campaign you already have using whatever parts you need.


Who are we? Well, we are a small group of artistic dads that love playing tabletop games. We also like toys, miniatures, and most geekdom. We are basically big kids that now have kids of our own. We are creative geeks that have spent our lives as artists and our free time playing games, and now, we want to create our own content to share with our children, the next generation of gamer geeks.

We are life-long artists that have worked together for two decades using our artistic talents to create simulation and training products for others. Now we want to unleash our creative abilities and bring our imagination to life. Combined, we have over 100 years of artistic and 3D professional experience and double that amount of experience playing games. Our dream is to create unique new content and products that appeal to gaming families (and really everyone). We want to give our own spin to our products and bring to life all-new adventures, cultures, environments, and artistic styles that stand out and enhance our favorite hobbies.

We also want to bring our own brand of superior customer service and quality products to this market. To do that, we want to build a community with our customers and use their input to ensure we bring the things everyone really wants to the tabletop.

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