World of Nimmervale

The World of Nimmervale is an all-new wonderous realm for use in your favorite fifth edition or other tabletop RPG adventures or as a standalone. This all-digital set of content is print-at-home ready, complete with 3D Minis, Props, Terrain, and supporting books.

Our introduction to the World of Nimmervale starts in the untamed islands of Wakamataku! Take your adventurers on a Polynesian-inspired journey within this island region full of new flavors, monsters, and adventure. Wakamataku is a region almost lost in time. Many do not even believe it exists. You will explore and discover how real and fantastic this region is.

This set can be used independently with the quests included to jump right into the adventures with minimal prep time and more time playing the game, or you can integrate the new parts into your own experiences for infinite possibilities.



Who are we? Well, we are a small group of artistic dads that love playing tabletop games. We also like toys, miniatures, and most geekdom. We are basically big kids that now have kids of our own. We are creative geeks that have spent our lives as artists and our free time playing games, and now, we want to create our own content to share with our children, the next generation of gamer geeks.

We are life-long artists that have worked together for two decades using our artistic talents to create simulation and training products for others. Now we want to unleash our creative abilities and bring our imagination to life. Combined, we have over 100 years of artistic and 3D professional experience and double that amount of experience playing games. Our dream is to create unique new content and products that appeal to gaming families (and really everyone). We want to give our own spin to our products and bring to life all-new adventures, cultures, environments, and artistic styles that stand out and enhance our favorite hobbies.

We also want to bring our own brand of superior customer service and quality products to this market. To do that, we want to build a community with our customers and use their input to ensure we bring the things everyone really wants to the tabletop.