Why did I start Wundervale Games?

Why did I start Wundervale Games?

We are still trying to catch everyone up on what we have been doing the past few months. Building a new company and producing our first product for a Kickstarter launch is a significant endeavor. I felt the time was right, and we have been pushing hard since. I love games (I have over 150 board games, tons of RPG stuff, and an office full of toys), so it only made sense to start a company that would allow me to create things I love, and hopefully, you will too. One of the key things I wanted was to develop products that could span multiple generations of players, appealing to all in both look and content. I wanted adults to share their love for games with the next generation and be appealing to adults who just like to play games too. I love sharing my passion for games with my own children now that they are old enough, and I am sure others do as well. I also loved bringing my wife into my love for gaming. Sometimes getting non-gamers to want to be a part of it is not the easiest (my wife hesitated). The idea is to bring new content that appeals to a broader spectrum. Bonus, my wife, and kids have overseen the entire development, so it is preapproved).

For our first series, the World of Nimmervale, I also wanted to add unique content and stories to the expanse of the most popular fifth edition RPG tabletop gaming system. I chose things I wanted to expand on and give my twist but also found that some of the ideas I had for different cultures and locales lacked readily available content. Hopefully, that means we provide something that gamers want and have been missing.

As we progress and more details are released, I really look forward to feedback from the community. I like the idea of giving our community a voice in what we make. I hope to build a good following to be sure I am making things that people want.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of sharing my love of games with my kids:

More updates to follow. Until then, Game On!

- Tony Castillo

CEO Wundervale Games

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