The Art of Nimmervale!

The Art of Nimmervale!

Today I wanted to share some of the 2D art, concepts, and renders that are in work for our upcoming Kickstarter. Dominic Levasseur, our lead artist, has been working his tail off doing all aspects from 2D to 3D work and I wanted to toot his horn a little and share with you the cool stuff I am getting from him.

This is a concept painting of one of the islands coastlines

This is a rendering of the Manoaila, our new shark/ogre hybrid race.

This is a render of the Hippatee, our new beast of burden creature for the islands of Wakamataku. It is mostly a hippo / manatee mix. (it is also the favorite of my wife for its cute factor).

And this final image is an early drawing of the Island Giant for some of our book art.

That is all for now, still chugging along towards our launch. More coming soon.

Until next time, game on!

Tony - CEO Wundervale Games


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