Some 3D model teasers!

Some 3D model teasers!

Hopefully some of you follow us on any of our other social media accounts to get any of the info, samples, teasers, whatever that we have been sharing. If not, at least you are here with me now and I have some of the 3D teasers I have been sharing for you.

Our lead artist Dominic has been hard at work cranking out new models of the Kohua, our island goblins.


Here is a sample of our Selachians, the shark people of Wakamataku. These are some of my personal favorites. They have a very Ninja Turtle feel. Kudos again to Dominic on the models.


Finally, a sampling of our Sea Tortles for you. They are a noble race native to the islands of Wakamataku.


Well, that is all for now. I am very excited to release this set on Kickstarter. I hope all of you are as well.

- Tony Castillo

CEO Wundervale Games

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