New Name, New Site, Same Fantastic Products!

New Name, New Site, Same Fantastic Products!

It has been a bit since I made a blog post, and a lot has happened. First off, we changed the company name to Wundervale. I liked the old name but love the new one. Unfortunately, Wandering Monster had some conflicts I would prefer not to deal with later.

We have also been making updates to our sites, bringing everything together into one place before we launch our first Kickstarter campaign.

About that, OUR KICKSTARTER LAUNCHES FEBRUARY 28, 2022 (my 45th birthday) officially. Look for World of Nimmervale - Vol. 1; Wakamataku at the end of February on Kickstarter. I am very excited about this and know you will love what we offer. We have had a few hiccups and delays, but we are now ready to bring our products to you. The team has been working their butts off to bring high-quality products and an excellent value for the amount of content we offer in our first outing.

Another bit of info to share, as I said earlier, we have tied all of our parts together. Our game development info and products from and our 3D printing services from will be wrapped into our new site WUNDERVALE.COM! We are working to deliver it on an easy, one-stop website.

It is a work in progress, and lots of gears are turning as the Kickstarter launch approaches so, please be patient as we build this magical kingdom of ours.

Until next time, game on!



CEO Wundervale

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